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GHOSTFIRE GP8-SV2 8-Way Pedal Power Supply

GHOSTFIRE GP8-SV2 8-Way Pedal Power Supply

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  • GHOST FIRE eight way guitar pedal power supply, with fully isolated multi-channel power supply: it has six 9v outputs, two 9v/12v/15v/18v adjustable voltages, and one 5v1A USB output, giving you a variety of choices.
  • The product supports USB output, which can not only expand more use scenarios to power the effector, but also provide an interface for mobile phones or led lights to solve the problem that you cannot find a power adapter temporarily
  • The power supply of the product is stable, safe and reliable. It is designed for multiple effectors to supply power at the same time. Eight effectors can be used to work at the same time,Stable and reliable during operation.
  • Each circuit of the power supply is provided with independent short circuit protection. If one circuit is overloaded or short circuited, the led lamp will automatically turn off and protect itself, while the others will not be disturbed. Pull out the short circuit or overloaded wire, and the power supply will be restored in 2 seconds.
  • The product model is GP8-SV2 eight way single power supply with short circuit protection. The effective output power is 27w. The input is DC-12V3A with internal negative external positive, the input power is 36w, and the USB output is TYPE-A 5V1A. The maximum output DC of 1-6 circuits is 9v500mA per circuit, the adjustable voltage of 7-8 circuits is 9/12/15/18v, and the maximum power is 4.5w
  • When you purchase our product, there will also be a series of gifts, including an AC-DC adapter, a 30cm elbow DC line, eight 60cm elbow DC lines, an 80cm elbow DC line, a booster line, a Ascending streamline, a polarity conversion line, and a 9v battery cord DC line.
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