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Bullet 3.0 Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Bullet 3.0 Electric Guitar Gig Bag

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The design is simple and extraordinary. This professional electric guitar bag is developed and designed by ghost fire design team. The concise functional zoning constructs the overall outline. High density fine woven fabric and composite lining not only stabilize the guitar bag structure, but also give it excellent waterproof and scratch resistance. The fabric shall be treated against water splashing, and the water drops will slide down by themselves, but it is not allowed to soak in the water or rain for a long time. If you soak in the water or rain for a long time, the water will seep in from the crack position The quality of the guitar bag is extremely light, only 5 IB, but it can well resist the impact from the outside of the guitar bag. The fabric is compounded with EVA thickened material, which is more textured and wear-resistant than ordinary fabrics. The interior closely fits the outline of the guitar, so that the guitar can be protected more safely. The thickness of the outside reaches 0.8 in, which can well protect the guitar from damage The new upgrade makes the portable fuller and increases the whole PE board. It will not deform after lifting. The portable texture and durability, with a million level grip, let you carry it without any worry The back pocket of the head can be added to hold guitar strings, rocker, mobile phone, keys, pens, tools and other accessories There is also an extra long storage bag in the outer pocket, which can put some cables / books / Guitar Strings / guitar straps, flat things and so on Super wear-resistant pad Super wear-resistant anti-skid pad, 3 at the side and 3 at the bottom to increase the service life of the guitar bag Ergonomic S-shaped shoulder strap + storage The S-shape fits the shoulder better. It is ergonomically designed to reduce the burden pressure and provide a comfortable carrying experience. The back of the guitar bag is equipped with a shoulder strap storage bag. When you don't need to use the shoulder strap

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